Aug 24, 2011


Today's post is inspired from a piece of art I saw while shopping the other day. I've been in the mood for another piece of art. I saw and liked 22 Hands by artist James Mclaughlin Way in a Z Gallerie store. Way’s paintings are in collections around the world. Way's clients include Sir Elton John, The Coca-Cola Company, The Walt Disney Company, Major League Baseball, CNN, Cingular Wireless, AT&T, The US Marine Corps, and others. Throughout his career, his art work has been published in numerous books and magazines.  You can see some of these works and others at his website  I especially like his oil on canvas equus arts featuring the Percheron draft horses. He does an incredible job capturing the regal conformation of a draft horse and its muscle tone. Before the invention of the motorized truck and farm tractor, the Percheron draft horse provided the power to build and feed our nation. Now this noble horse provides the power, substance, beauty, and style as America's work and recreation horse for the twenty first century. *The images below are copyrighted and are only intended to show examples his talent not for profit.

22 Hands by James McLaughlin Way
25 Hands by James McLaughlin Way
James McLaughlin Way
The Bow by James McLaughlin Way
Chicago Home Mag