Apr 18, 2010


Since 1928 the Metamora Hunt is a traditional style fox hunt that takes place in the village of Metamora, in the county of Lapeer, Michigan. 

Apr 12, 2010


The Wally Lounge

The Wally Dining Area

The Wally Deck

The Wally 118 Bow

Modern Yacht Stern

Palmer Johnson's 135' Dragon

Dragon Bow

Dragon Stern

Dragon Garage

Dragon Dining Area

 The  Wally 118 and Dragon 115 break all the traditional rules.  These super luxury high speed yachts are in a class all their own.

Apr 7, 2010



A dog, yes I am thinking of getting a dog. Well adopting a rescue GSP or German Shorthaired Pointer from http://www.texasgsp.org/. Of all the canine breeds I think its one of the best looking. It meets all of my criteria handsome, sporty, rugged and intelligent. For one of those til death depart decisions, I feel if you're going to have to look at something for the rest of its life. It better be good looking :) right?